• Feasibility study design
  • Complex technological design of petrochemical industry and gas refining objects
  • Function of general designer

Equipment and programs

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Engineering Surveys

  • In any weather conditions
  • In shortest time
  • Quality in accordance with normative documents

Equipment and programs

More information about the service

Support during the Expertise

  • Many years of successful experience
  • Successful protection of projects in different branches of State Expertise of Russia

Designer Supervision

  • Highly-qualified specialists
  • In strict conformity with standard regulations

Laser Scanning

  • Real three-dimensional data
  • High accuracy
  • Time saving

3-D Design

  • Maximum precision
  • Exclusion of three-dimensional collisions
  • Full presentation of the object

Science (Petrochemical Production)

  • Inspection of production with finding out bottlenecks
  • Rationalization of existing technologies
  • Development of basic data for designing new industrial objects

Equipment supply

  • Selection and supply of the equipment
  • Combined solutions
  • Installation supervision, starting up and adjustment, maintenance