Equipment of the future today

  • Three-dimensional scanner Leica HDS7000 with scanning speed
    of more than million pts/s and with the highest
    level of detail
  • More than 25 drill units on the chassis of KAMAZ, Ural, ATTV, TL–5M
  • 2 CTP units
  • 2 accredited automatic laboratories :
    Geisa and «Geotek»

Software of new generation

  • AVEVA solutions that have been proved by work experience of the largest
    international companies and have become a world standard
  • Aspen HYSYS system – the best software in oil and gas industry
    for modelling technological processes
  • AutoCAD, NormaCS, Compass-grafik,
    START, Lira and other modern programs



Three-dimensional scanner Leica HDS7000

Engineering-geological surveys

More than 25 drill units (PBU-1-VS, PBU-2-322, URB-2.5 А, URB-2А-2, UBP-15, UBShM 1-13, UBShM 1-20, BBU-001, MOZBT-G2) on the chassis of KAMAZ, Ural and ATTV and TL–5M.

Equipment for cone penetration testing with equipment sets “PIKA 17”, Test “K-2-250M”, S832, SP-59, USZG- Stamp stands for ground test stamp F=600 сm2, 2500 сm2, 5000 сm2 KRU-600, UShA-5000;2500.

Air-electro pressure meter PAV-89 MK.

Core barrel L-2.0, diameter 127 mm.

For carrying out drilling operations for river crossing, plastic pontoon with 5 tons capacity and metal pontoon with 25 tons capacity are used.

Engineering-geodesic surveys

Device for cables search "Abris", "Metrotech9800"

Electrical exploration equipment "Electrotest-S"

Satellite surveying instruments GPS TRIMBLE, Leica

Pipeline finder SEBA FL-50

Transit compass

Total stations Leica

Levelling instrument, digital levelling instrument

Engineering-ecological surveys

Acoustimeter Testo89

Magnetic and electromagnetic fields tester BE-50

Dosage-radiometer DRBP-03

Gas analyzer Drager X-am 7000

Laboratory Research

Laboratories of ground integrated survey Giesa, Germany and "Geotek", Russia

Measuring and computing complex "ASIS"

Standard compaction measuring devices GТ 1.4.1

Presealing devices GT 1.2.5

Geo-ecologic laboratory


Automated design systems

AVEVA, including AVEVA PDMS, AVEVA Diagrams, AVEVA Cable Design, AVEVA Bocad, AVEVA Laser Modeler. AutoCAD P&ID

Calculating software systems

aspenONE® Engineering for E&C r5, в  including HYSYS, START, IZOLIATSIA, Lira, ING+, Passat, Ecologist, Hydrosystema, Robur-Road, Grand-Smeta

Software systems for processing engineering surveys

CREDO, Bentley Microstation, Csoft GeoniCS, EngGeo, MapInfo Professional, Geo Series, Geo Explorer, ArcView

СReference data systems


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